Kripalu Maharaj Ashram

This is Mangarh, a small village of Uttar Pradesh state, which Maharajji Kripalu selected at the time of his descension on this earth as his birth place, and which has become a place of pilgrimage. Thousands of people come to Bhakti Dham, Mangarh, every year to receive devotional inspiration and knowledge.

For the purpose of spreading the bhakti movement for the benefit of the souls in every corner of the world, the construction of a grand temple in Mangarh, "Shree Bhakti Mandir", was going on. This was completed in 2006.

The reverential excitement of all of Maharajji Kripalu’s devotees present there was like the golden flag on top of the temple, excitedly fluttering as if it were kissing the sky.

And why wouldn't this be the case? With the inspiration and Grace of Maharajji Kripalu, a vow taken nine years ago was fulfilled in the form of this extraordinary and historic temple.

Before the inauguration and Deity establishment ceremony, a glorious procession took place in which holy water from the Ganges River was brought in decorated earthen pots to Mangarh from the nearby pilgrimage place of Shringverpur.

With great devotion, the devotees washed Bhakti Mandir with the Ganges water. The inauguration ceremony went on for three days. We will see glimpses of this later in the program. Before this, let's see this special documentary prepared on Bhakti Mandir.

Since the time of the Vedas, the holy land of India has been inspired by the footdust of Saints, whose aim is only to help the souls attain their ultimate goal. There is one such Divine leela-place which is a treasure of inconceivable, incomparable spiritual wealth: Shree Bhakti Dham, Mangarh, where each and every particle is saturated with the Divine love of continuous devotion, and where the sweet Divine names, form, leelas, and virtues of Shree Nikunj Viharini Raseshwari Radha Rani and Rasik Shiromani Krishn constantly resonate.

Geographically, the beautiful village of Mangarh, situated away from material commotion, is located 50 km from the king of pilgrimage places: Prayag. Shree Shringverpur is located 25 km south-east of Mangarh on the banks of the Ganges River, where Nishadraj helped Ram, Sita, and Lakchman cross the Ganges during their forest exile. Located 100 km north of Mangarh on the banks of the Saryu River is Ayodhya, the city of Lord Ram. At the same distance to the west is Varanasi, the city of Lord Shiv. Divine Mangarh is situated in such a historical spiritual region.

On the auspicious occasion of Sharad Poornima of 1922, this holy land received the fortune of becoming the birthplace of the supreme Spiritual Master of this age, Maharajji Kripalu. It is the direct experience and absolute faith of thousands of devotees here that Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu himself has descended again as Shree Kripalu Mahaprabhu. Thus, Mangarh Dham is the personified combination of these three: the abode of Bhakti, the abode of Guru, and the Divine abode of supreme God.

This is the Divine abode where God and Guru always reside and it is where, without being asked, they shower their Grace. Along with being a center of the worldwide bhakti movement directed by Maharajji Kripalu, Mangarh Dham has also become a source of spiritual knowledge.

Approximately 40 learned preachers trained by Maharajji Kripalu lived in Mangarh and, after studying the Vedas and other scriptures at the lotus feet of Shree Maharajji, are spreading in India and other countries the teachings of the Vedic knowledge revealed by Shree Maharajji. It is only the glory of a true Saint's footdust that has converted an ordinary village into a source of both gyan and bhakti.

Forty years ago, Maharajji organized the first one-month spiritual camp in Mangarh village to provide a facility for those souls who desire Divine happiness to practice bhakti.

Even in a rural environment with minimum physical facilities, the braj ras bestowed at that time became an unforgettable achievement in the life of those devotees.

Later, seeing the need of the devotees, Sadhana Bhavan Trust was established by Shree Maharajji and a satsang hall was constructed. Today, the same Sadhana Bhavan Trust has been transformed into an extensive international organization called Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, and Mangarh village has become a big spiritual center.

The ashram is adorned with a large satsang hall, dining hall, kitchen, cowshed, many residences for devotees, etc. Currently there are arrangements for thousands of devotees to eat, live, and do devotion. Here, under the guidance of Shree Maharajji, an annual sadhana camp is organized every year on Sharad Poornima in October.